Knowledge Assessment

Student knowledge assessment at the HSE comprises the routine assessment, intermediate assessment, and the final assessment.

Routine assessment is carried out during the course, and is designed to organize students' independent work and a systematic monitoring of their academic knowledge.

Intermediate assessment is aimed at evaluating students’ knowledge acquired while studying a part of an academic subject. Assessment is held upon module completion during an examination session. Some academic subjects may not require intermediate knowledge assessment.

Final assessment is held upon completion of a course, primarily in written form as a pass-fail test or exam.

Please keep in mind that the HSE’s academic rules are the same for all students. To succeed on a course, we advise international students to attend all lectures and seminars, prepare their home assignments and meet the deadlines for all essays, reports, etc.

Exam Schedule

Official exam schedules are formed one week before the exams start. Schedules are then published on the International preparatory programme web page and posted on bulletin board.  

Absence from an Exam

A student must come to the exam at the time indicated in the exam schedule. If a student is late, the examination time is not extended. Failure to attend the exam is marked with the word 'absent' on the examination record sheet.

If confirmed by a standard medical certificate, illness is considered a reasonable excuse for absence from an examination.  Medical certificates should be submitted to the International Preparatory Programmes Office on the first day of recovery as indicated on the certificate.

Work or family related reasons (e.g. business trip, office hours, celebrations, etc.) are not valid excuses for the student’s absence from the examination.

A student who fails to attend an exam without a reasonable excuse is considered as having failed the final assessment (exam).