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Upon Arrival: Step-by-Step

Step 1 — Arrival

You must arrive no later than 30 days before your visa expires. If you arrive later, the Internal Affairs Office of the Russian Federation may refuse to register your visa and you will not be able to stay in the country. 

When you know your exact arrival date, please fill in the form to request a buddy. Contact the ESN team at buddy@hsemsk.esnrussia.org for the questions concerning Buddy programme. Please note that usually buddies accompany students from 9 am till 8 pm. No individual pick-ups.

After you arrive in Moscow and collect your bags, find out how to get to your place of residence from the airport (or train station): Aeroexpress, metro, or taxi. Please check Aeroexpress website for more information on fares, ticket machines, arrival/departure schedules. 

Step 2 —  Check in the dormitory

As an international student you are guaranteed a place in one of the HSE dormitories. The address of your dormitory will be communicated to you by the International Preparatory Programmes Office after your arrival details are confirmed. More information about the dormitories can be found on the dormitories website.

Upon check-in you need to submit to the dormitory administration:

      • Accommodation referral (printed from your personal account);
      • Your passport + copy of ID page;
      • Migration card;
      • The original of the HSE health certificate (signed and stamped by a doctor in your home country) *must be translated into Russian;
      • A vaccination certificate or a copy of the certificate of preventive vaccinations (as per Form No. 156/y-93) *must be translated into Russian;
      • Health insurance policy, including a medical examination, as well as certificates confirming negative test results for HIV, hepatitis B and COVID-10 (the latter using the PCR method).
      Read and sign the tenancy agreement and HSE University’s Internal Dormitory Regulations 

          Check-in rules for students, who have arrived in the Russian Federation.

          • Upon checking in, must be presented a medical certificate, confirming a negative test result for COVID-10 with the application of the PCR method (in Russian or English);
          • After arriving and moving into a dormitory, within the next 14 day you must self-isolate.

          • On the 10th -12th day after receiving the results of your first COVID-19 test, you must take a medical examination, be tested for HIV, hepatitis B and re-tested for COVID-19 (the latter using the PCR method).

          Check-in rules for students, who have not left the Russian Federation after the end of the ongoing academic year.

          Upon checking in, the following additional documents must be presented:

          • a document, confirming that the student has not left the Russian Federation after the end date of the current academic year;
          • a voluntary medical insurance policy, which includes a medical examination, as well as respective certificates for HIV, hepatitis B and COVID-19 (the latter using the PCR method);
          • a certificate confirming a completed medical examination;
          • a certificate confirming the absence of HIV;
          • a certificate about the absence of hepatitis B;
          • it is advisable to present a medical certificate confirming a negative test result for COVID-19 (using the PCR method) in Russian.

          Step 3 — Get registered

          Every international student who enters the territory of the Russian Federation for more than 7 days must get registered by welcoming party - HSE.

          NB! Apply for registration within 3 days after your arrival to Russia.

          To get registered please prepare in advance:

          ·        Copies of ALL PASSPORT PAGES (or ID CARD for CIS citizens) including all blank ones, with two pages on one A4 sheet printed on both sides;

          ·        A copy of your migration card.

          If you stay at HSE dormitory, submit the documents to the dormitory passport specialist. 

          If you rent an apartment, contact the apartment owner and ask him/her to arrange for your registration at the address of the rented apartment within 7 working days after arrival. You can find the detailed registration procedure on the Visa and Registration Centre website.

          Always keep the slip and your migration card with you. Every time you leave Russia and come back you need to obtain a new migration card and re-apply for visa registration.

          Step 4 — Get enrolled

          To enrol you will have to submit all necessary documents to  International Preparatory Programmes Office in Pokrovsky Boulevard, building 11, Korpus D, office D601. Document submission:Monday-Friday from 10:00 to 18:00.

          Step 5 — Receive your electronic pass and library card

          Learn more here: Student documents

          Step 6 — In the city

          Step 7 — Log into your student email

          Learn more about how to log in at Student e-mail

          Step 8 — Apply for a multiple-entry visa

          When there is 1-1,5 months left till the expiry date of your single-entry study visa you must apply for a multiple-entry visa which will replace the single-entry visa. Note that until you receive your multiple-entry visa you will not be able to re-enter Russia if you leave. Please contact International Preparatory Programmes Office for more information.

          Step 9 — Check all available resources

          HSE offers its international students a range of resources and useful information on topics such as medical insurancepsychological counselingemployment regulationssportscanteens, and many others. Remember to check HSE Preparatory programmes for international students website on a regular basis