Caglar Bugrahan

1.           Why did you choose HSE International Prep year?

I chose HSE International Prep Year because I wanted to study my master's programme in Russian Language. Obviously studying master's in Russian, without knowing how to speak Russian is not a very good idea. After a little bit research, I understand that Prep Year has both Russian Language courses and courses related to your track which you want to study. I decided this was a good fit for my study plans.

2.           How were your studies with prep Year? Please describe your emotions and how did you feel about it?

It was not easy. It was very intensive. I didn't expect it to be easy and relaxing anyway. But I also did not expect to dream in Russian after 2 months of training. You really need to put a lot of time and effort to improve your Russian during the training. Our teachers were also aware that Russian is not an easy language. They really understand our struggle and tried their best to help us (I would like to shoutout to my teachers Elena Levi and Zhanna Nikitushkina. Without them I couldn't speak any Russian).  But in the end, I was happy to finish my courses successfully.

3.           Which faculty of HSE University did you enter? What do you expect from studies in HSE?

I entered Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge. I expect that studying at HSE will help me in my career not only in Russia but also in the international arena. Maybe I can continue my studies further, or I maybe I will straight jump into the business. Time will show. There is no limit to my expectations.