Hwang Heeje

1.   Why did you choose HSE International Prep Year?

I chose to study here because I have heard that HSE International Prep year is well organized and intensive. Also, lecturers are enthusiastic and they are willing to help students.

2.   How were your studies with prep Year? Please describe your emotions and how did you feel about it?

I found it very difficult and hard for me to follow because I took classes almost every day. However, it helped me a lot learning Russian, Mathematics and so on. Thanks to the preparatory course, I think they I will not have many problems understanding lectures when I take the main course.

3.   Which faculty of HSE University did you enter? What do you expect from studies in HSE?

I chose to major in Agrarian Economics, because I need to get knowledge about agriculture and Economics at the same time. I hope that I can learn how agriculture market changes, its trend, and how to improve agriculture industry with the new technologies. I hope that I can get advice from my professors as much as I can.